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Connect in Fellowship

Holy Cross Lutheran Church in St. Cloud, MN, offers many ways to connect in fellowship with our community. We have lots of events and activities where younger and older generations can enjoy fellowship and serve alongside each other, including family-oriented events, Bible study classes, youth groups, community partnerships that allow us to aid the less fortunate, and much, much more. Contact the church office and speak to our compassionate staff to find out more information on ways you and your family can connect with the Lutheran community.

Core Class Children Youth Bible Studies

Music Fellowship Prince of Peace

person reading a paper in church

Core Class

You are invited whether you are new to the faith, or have been attending church for years, or anything in-between. We call this class our Core Class because we will cover the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Rather than jumping around from verse to verse, we will study passages in context. Students will grow in their knowledge of the bible, and be better equipped to read the bible on their own. This class is our pathway for membership, but it is open to those who just want to learn more as well. We have other study groups that meet at different times and cover different topics. If you would like to find out more please contact the church office by phone or through our contact page.

Children’s Ministries at Holy Cross
Lutheran Church

Children are precious to Jesus, and at Holy Cross, we love seeing kids grow in their faith! Lots of activities where younger and older generations can enjoy fellowship and serve alongside each other.

Holy Cross Lutheran embraces and encourages children to worship and attend Sunday School. We have gifted and enthusiastic teachers. We are consistently providing our Sunday School teachers with the Biblically grounded and Christ-centered materials they need to share the love of Jesus with our children. We have classes for 3-year-olds to 5th grade, Jr High Bible study, and Sr. High Bible study.

Our Annual Christmas program is a wonderful production for the Sunday School children to share the story of Jesus’ Birth. It is full of music and costumes and the joy of Christ

  • A highlight of the summer, and tons of fun!
  • A full-day vacation bible school where children will get to grow in their faith through hearing bible stories, playing games, skits, crafts, and lots more. Check back in the spring for more details.

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youth group bonfire

Youth Group

Holy Cross Youth Group

Children of all ages are an important part of our church family. We encourage youth in grades 6 – 12 to join in and invite their friends to our weekly Wednesday night activities. We meet from 5:30 – 7:30 PM each Wednesday throughout the school year.

We have a meal served at 5:30 followed by small group time, then education for confirmation students and high school students. Next we all get back together for a large group activity which could be a competitive game between the small groups, a group servant event, playing gaga ball and other games, or listening to a speaker. We then invite all parents to join us in church at 7:25 to close the evening with a short summary and prayer. Six times a year we do a larger group activity either on-site or off-site. Some of those include playing laser tag, roller or in-line skating, jumping at a trampoline park, or fun games that include everyone, etc.

Some other events that the group does may include a lock-in, going to Valleyfair, or joining the entire congregation at Powder Ridge for a night of snow tubing. We always have a great time when we are together and cherish our time to grow in our faith and develop friendships through Christian fellowship. We serve within the church and conduct a number of fundraisers throughout the year. We also work together with other groups within our church family to help ensure events run smoothly.

Please check out our calendar under “Events” for more information on these youth nights and other schedule events.

Bible Study Opportunities at Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Holy Cross Lutheran Church in St. Cloud, MN, offers a variety of Bible Studies opportunities for all ages. We have an adult Bible study every Sunday morning at 9:15 AM This study covers the sermon topics in greater detail. Men’s Bible Breakfast is a monthly Bible study every first Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League begins each meeting with a Bible study. Contact the church office or speak to the pastor for more information.

organ pipes

Music & Ensemble Opportunities

Music is an important part of worship at Holy Cross. Songs are either written in the bulletin or found in the burgundy hymnal, officially titled Lutheran Service Book, in front of you. Page numbers are indicated in the bulletin, and we sing the whole song unless otherwise noted or announced.

Individual Soloists or Ensembles

There are many opportunities for individuals to share talent as pre-service, offertory, communion, or post-service music. Members wishing to share their talents are encouraged to contact Mic Brunner. All are welcome regardless of age.

Senior Choir

This is another ensemble led by Mic Brunner and is for all singers in high school and beyond. The choir rehearses from 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM on Wednesdays. The choir primarily sings a cappella music from a diverse range of genres and cultural regions. All are welcome regardless of singing experience. The ensemble sings approximately once per month.

Senior Handbell Choir

This is a handbell choir also led by Mic Brunner, designed for high school and up. The ensemble practices once a week on Wednesdays from 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM Previous experience in music reading is required. The ensemble rings approximately one Sunday service per month.

Fellowship Activities

Each year, we have committed ourselves to supporting a missionary who will share the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus of Christ with those who have not heard the Good News. Please join us in praying for Julie McManus from Benson, MN. She is currently in Kenya. More information about Julie can be found in the Narthex or talk to Teri in the office.

As many as 60 men show up on the first Saturday of the month at 8 a.m. for the Bible Breakfast. A hot and meaty breakfast is served, followed by a time of reflection on God’s Word.

There are a lot of activities at Holy Cross that are ways that we draw closer together as a church family. Some of them include men’s softball, the chili cook-off, bean bag tournaments, bowling nights, and more. Check the church calendar for the next upcoming fun event.

Every woman sitting in the pew has a story to share of God’s faithfulness in her life, as we women love nothing more than to revel in one another’s experiences and celebrate the sisterhood of believers.

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Prince of Peace Lutheran School: Learning for Life, Centered on Christ

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when
he is old he will not depart from it.”
– Proverbs 22:6

Prince of Peace Lutheran Preschool is located at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Our preschool program provides hands-on activity-based learning that fosters growth spiritually, socially, emotionally, academically, and physically. We offer a Christ-Centered Education with Faith woven into our daily curriculum. We build strong and lasting relationships with our families. We provide a safe, loving and grace-filled environment. The congregation at Holy Cross is incredibly supportive of our preschool and partners with our school in several activities. For more information, please email or call 320-251-8416 and ask for Kim.

How to Read the Bible

If you are studying a particular passage, read it several times and in multiple translations for a complete understanding. You can be even more thorough by reading the passage that precedes the passage you’re studying, as well as the one that follows it. Once you’re able to sufficiently summarize the passage, you’ll know you have a greater understanding.

Read the Bible as it was heard by the initial audience. With the knowledge you already have of the original passages’ context, search for further information and additional commentary. The meaning of the text is not meant to be expanded into a deeper, more subjective message or hidden meaning. Treat passages for what they are – poetry as poetry, parables as parables, and history as history.

The entirety of the Bible points to Jesus Christ and his saving message to all of us. Lutherans are Jesus’ people, and the Bible is a Jesus Book – we worship Jesus Christ himself, not the Bible.

Individual scripture passages can be difficult and even contradictory and are interpreted in the light of the Bible’s central messages and themes as a whole. We avoid isolating passages as proof texts; some scripture is more important than others. Scripture is to be understood how the initial audience would have clearly interpreted and experienced it in their context.

There are messages all throughout the Bible that are law (that which accuses and judges us) and gospel (that which comforts and saves us). These texts can serve as either or both.

The Bible’s passages should first seek what they mean to all people. Seek the meanings and experiences felt from other generations and other cultures to help shape what they mean to you in a way that is consistent for everyone.

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